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Book on Russian Business Law in English

edited by Dr. Prof. Valeriy N. Lisitsa,
Novosibirsk State University (Russia),
Novosibirsk, 2019.

Russian Business Law offers comprehensive coverage of the key legal aspects of business activity in Russia in such a way that is easy to understand for law and non-law students. It describes the scope and sources of Russian Business Law, its subjects and objects and the principles of regulation.

The following legal topics are included:
·   Introduction to Russian Business Law;
·   Sources of Business Law;
·   Corporate Law;
·   Contract Law;
·   Competition Law;
·   Investment Law;
·   Intellectual Property Law;
·   Information Technology Law;
·   Labour Law;
·   Tax Law;
·   Private International Law;
·   Settlement of Business Disputes.

Russian Business Law comprises a great many examples of legislative provisions and judicial practice that contextualize each chapter’s topic and illustrate the contemporary interpretation of most rules of law. It also provides a list of key legislative acts at the end of every chapter to help clarify the main sources of law in appropriate fields of Russian Business Law.

Contents of the book

Excerpts from the book

The book is available in a printed paperback (75 EUR, including the costs on postal delivery) and electronic pdf (40 EUR) formats. You can buy the book here.
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